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Many people ask “How long until I feel better?”
My reply is this: You should feel better each visit. A series of treatments to address an injury may be different than treating a congenital disease or an autoimmune condition. Usually acupuncture works by doing a series of visits. Each visit a person should feel better and better. That is, IF that person is also willing to practice self care outside of their acupuncture sessions. That could be as simple as rest, taking medicine (herbal or pharmaceutical, your choice) and/or modifying your food choices. When pressed for an answer to this particular question it is my guideline to say: I would like to see you feeling better and better each acupuncture session that you receive. Usually a course of treatment for a certain condition/injury/disease may take, on average, 8 visits. Each of these visits you should feel increasingly better if you are doing your “homework”.  Sometimes your treatment plan can be carried out once a week, sometimes, if you are in pain, twice a week until there is relief. Sometimes those visits can be adjusted as you respond and improve over time, generally over a season’s change. The response to acupuncture and the relief a person feels depends on the severity of the injury, the depth of the disease, or the duration of time a person has had their condition. Successful relief also depends on the quality of self care the patient practices outside of the acupuncture sessions. This is the “homework”. The most basic level of health care is self care, which is available to everyone. Even health problems beyond our control such as accidents, heredity, genetic expression, overwork & stress, or environmental pollution/food additives to name a few, are benefited by a combination of medical intervention (when necessary) and self care. The focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine is on the individual, not the disease.  The historic intention of TCM is to keep the patient well. The important thing to remember when you consult an acupuncturist is to find a practitioner who gets results, in whom you have confidence, and with whom you feel comfortable and supported to make the personal changes that will benefit your body, your mind, and your health.


About six months ago I went to Lisa Smith for acupuncture. I have had a chronic sore hip problem most of my life which had only gotten worse as I got older. After only two treatments my hip problem was gone. I was totally amazed and encouraged by her wisdom, professionalism and kindness. I highly recommend her services. – D.F.

Lisa Smith is one of my favorite healers on the planet. She was the first person who discovered that I had cancer, and stood by my side throughout the entire process of identifying and working with additional medical practitioners throughout my surgery and recovery. She is a gifted and intuitive healer; and has the right balance of humor, gentleness, and a fierce commitment to facilitate the healing in her clients. I always feel like I am giving someone a gift when I recommend her to someone.  – L.L.

Lisa has helped me as well as my family through a number of health crises. Initially I came to Lisa with pain in my side accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency and discomfort. Western trained physicians had sent me for tests which showed nothing and prescribed expensive medications which proved ineffective. I had gone from doctor to doctor  with the same results.  All of the MDs that I saw were highly regarded in the medical community.  None of them were able to diagnose or treat my condition. Some even implying that I needed to see a psychiatrist. I was tired, frustrated, fearful, exhausted and in pain from an unknown source. There were days in which I sat on the side of my bed and cried because there seemed to be nothing else to do.

I initially went to Lisa not knowing what to expect but knowing that all of my other avenues were ineffective. At least I knew that she could help me with the pain. Lisa was very soothing and compassionate. The very first thing I noticed about her was that she listened to me, to every word I said. Mine were a myriad of symptoms all connected together somehow. Many MD’s listen casually, then choose one symptom to treat leaving all the others to chance. She took notes on what I said and asked questions that would be relevant to the treatment that would follow. Yes there were needles but the discomfort was rather like having a hangnail. She very methodically chose the position for each needle while explaining how the position would generate aspects of my healing. I was treated with compassion and skill.

I felt better from the first treatment!! How refreshing to be heard and validated!! Today I am healthy and comfortable thanks to them! Lisa is a gifted healer!! – J.C.

I have been working with Lisa Smith for many years and love this woman’s work. Her insights are powerful, on-target, and deeply resonant with my own internal guidance. She is a compassionate and intuitive healer. Lisa combines her high level skills as an acupuncturist with a deep spiritual wisdom, from direct experience. I thoroughly enjoy Lisa as a person and respect her skills as an acupuncturist.  – A.L.

Lisa Smith is a true and gifted healer and I am so grateful to be able to work with her. She is very thorough and holistic in her approach and she offers an expanded way of addressing any imbalances. I have undergone so many wonderful shifts since I started working with Lisa and I leave each session in a state of bliss. – L.C.

I have been a client of Lisa Smith’s for well over 8 years.  I originally started coming for her to help me get through menopause with all the “HOT” flashes, etc. but she has helped me in so many other ways too. Sinus, circulation, aches and pains. List could go on, but one thing I know for sure –  I plan on acupuncture for the rest of my life!!!  – P.R.C.

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